2 cops allegedly ate marijuana edibles, got high, and called for backup

February 2, 2018

A stock photo of police officers who might or might not be stoned.Image: Getty Images Two cops from Toronto got themselves in a batch of trouble on Sunday when they allegedly ate some marijuana edibles while on duty, got really stoned, and were forced to call for help. The CBC reports that the two officers, who are part of 13 Division, have been suspended pending an investigation. Over the weekend,…


Dubai police will soon zoom around the sky on hoverbikes

October 19, 2017

Dubai's cops will soon take to the air.Image: AFP/Getty Images Dubai is aggressively turning itself into a “Future City,” putting self-flying taxis in the skies and a facial recognition system in its airport. The Dubai police department’s latest ride is now adding another sci-fi transportation staple: the hoverbike. The Dubai police, which already has luxury patrol cars, self-driving pursuit drones, and a robot officer, just announced it will soon have…