Body Positivity Win: Boys Life Magazine Just Picked A Plus-Sized Boy For Its Annual Sexiest Boy Alive Issue

February 14, 2018

Get ready for some incredible news that proves that our toxic beauty culture may finally be headed in the right direction: Boys’ Life magazine has just selected a plus-sized boy for its annual Sexiest Boy Alive issue! This is a major win for body positivity! Ever since Boys’ Life was first published in 1911, its annual Sexiest Boy Alive honor has always gone to a slender, athletic-looking boy, and it’s…


Incredible: Heres How People In Every State Say Here Comes A Big Roaring Man Emerging From The Lake

February 6, 2018

People all across America have different, quirky regionalisms for phrases like “rubbernecking,” “garage sale,” and, “Here comes a big roaring man emerging from the lake.” If you want to know how people in all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico and D.C.) say “big roaring man emerging from the lake,” here is the definitive guide! Alabama: “Here comes this year’s offering from the land of towering ocean boys.” Alaska: “The fish…